Friday, May 30, 2008

Can't Sleep

I have been sick for over a week and half! I have been sleeping pretty pretty darn bad since Gavin was sick with me for awhile.. thank goodness he is better. We gave it to Corey and Corey seems to have gotten over it....while I am still suffering!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Catch Up!

Hello! I have been slacking on writing on my blog. I have been meaning to write but just haven’t gotten to it. We have been busy the last month and so I am going to try to get all my pictures and everything that has been going on down. I can’t believe that it will be a month since the last time I wrote. I am still trying to be good working out…but it hasn’t been as good as I was hoping. I guess that is the way things go. Gavin and I have been sick and so that always messes you up. I am still feeling sick but I am grateful that Gavin is feeling better….but since we have been sick so has been my husband. Well I will try to be better at staying on top of my blog. I hope you enjoy!

May 20, 2008

Gavin was 6 months old on the 20th! I took him to the doctors on the 21st. He is a healthy little boy and I am grateful for that! He weights 20 lbs 13.5oz (89%) 29" long (97%). Even though he was sick with his first cold the day we went to the doctors he did GREAT with getting his 6 months shots.

The Catch Up!

Hiking on our trip..

Look at that crazy hair!
our hotel

The Catch Up!

We went to Captiol reef for Memorial day weekend! This was Gavin's first time in the pool. He liked it!

So tired after swimming!
Gavin was sleeping in the car so we decided to just take a picture of the two of us!

The Catch Up!

Gavin's first bowling experience
I think I look skinny in this picture

We went to Salt Lake with my sister in law and her family for her birthday!
Gavin is getting so good at sitting on his own.

a couple of weeks ago we went to Antelope Island. I had never been there before. It was good but hot and with annoying little bugs.

Such a sweet picture! my two boys!

The Catch Up!

Getting ready for the 1st meal :) He liked it for the most part...sometimes he
likes it more than other times.

Carrots....MMMM they really aren't his favorite yet...but I am hoping that he will love the veggies like his mommy!

Mother's day- Corey got me a new camera. We both have camera's but they are so old and slow! When Gavin started smiling I would try to get a picture of it. It would take way too long!!!! so by the time that I actually not be the picture I was thinking I would get. My husband got a really cute little pink camera for me! I totally love it! We took family photo's at this waterfall in Layton so we use them for our gifts for our mothers. It is was a wonderful day! I feel so grateful and blessed to be a mother!

Here is our family photo! Baliee and Gavin playing
We went to my brothers house the day before Mother's day and had food, and was able to give our Mother/Step Mom their gifts. It was fun!
Here I am at my brothers house.

this tree is in our front yard and I had been wanting to take this picture of the tree because I thought it was so pretty and then the day I did take the picture it was snowing in MAY! So look close and you can see the little white snowballs.

Here I am with my really cute little boy! He is getting to be so big and his personality is really coming out. I love it!

Here he is with his Grandma Neiswender and Papa