Friday, June 20, 2008

Kristen's house

McKenzi and Gavin in the pool last Saturday.
getting out and being with his dad...he loves his dad so much! he lights up when he walks into the room
This is Gavin at Kristen's house on Wednesday. He just kicked backed and relaxed!

The other day I went over to my sister-n-law house to let the kids go swimming. She had a few other lady's from her ward and their kids. It was just what I needed. I have had a hard time being home with Gavin and feeling so lonely. I love my little boy but I need to talk to other grown up's. So it was fun to be invited and have something different to do. Gavin LOVES to go swimming!

We went down to my sister's last week since her daughter (Mckenzi) and our nephew (Nate) turned 12 this past week (CRAZY). They were able to go the temple and do baptism for the dead and then after words we got together and had food and swimming at Amy's (my sisters) pool house. It was lots of fun! I had my nieces take Gavin around in the pool for a little bit.

7 Months

today is Baliee's first b-day. Here they are playing about a month ago!
Look how big he is getting!!!! 7 Months today! He fell asleep in the car on our way home from the store. He was so tired!

Today Gavin is 7 months! I can't believe it!!! He is getting so big! He does so many cute things! The last couple of days he has been trying to make bubbles with his mouth...and he usually ends up spitting...and the worse is when I had just put some food in his mouth. He also has been doing a deep growling noise. I think if you were in a dark room and didn't know what the noise would scare you. He does it at random times when he makes the noise...when he is eating, just waking up, and just whenever! It is so cute! He doesn't roll or crawl but he does get around when he is on his stomach. He already has 3 teeth (2 on bottom and 1 on top) and he is getting 3 more on his top! He is a really good eater! He eats his fruits and veggies! He loves to talk (just like his mom :).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bath time

Gavin loves taking his baths.

He is getting really good from sitting to his stomach. I had to take a picture of his cute bum!
What a cutie pie!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Ogden River Parkway

Here is the snake taking off

Gavin was so tired...after our walk I got him into his car seat and he didn't even wake up. This is his new big boy car 6 months he is too big for the little baby car little boy is growing up too fast!
Corey lately has been working 4 10's so that he has Mondays off. Last Monday we were looking for something to do so we decided to walk around the Ogden River Parkway. We got the stroller out and started on our way. We had just started and I heard a hissing sound. I looked over and saw this huge snake in the attack mode..... he was shaking his tail and hissing at us. No worries it wasn't a rattle snake....Corey got close enough to make was shaking his tail at us like a rattle snake but with no rattle. I took a few pictures but they don't even do the snake justice.

The Property

The trailer...Corey goes fly fishing a lot when we go up to the property
Gavin taking his 4 hour nap. Grandma thought he was never going to wake up.

On Saturday we went to Corey's parents property that they pay for each year. It is really a nice place! They put their trailer in the same spot every year and it just a nice place to go and get away. This was Gavin's first camping trip. Saturday rained off and on but Corey was able to still fish and caught two fishes...Sunday was sunny but still pretty cold. Gavin took a 4 hour nap on was nice to be able to take a nap with him and to read a book. Gavin woke us all up at 6:30 talking...cute!!! but we weren't ready to wake up yet. We all finally got up at 8:30 but Gavin never did go back to bed until his 4 hour nap. I love the outdoors and being able to get away from all the cares of the world. But when you get home you enjoy the nice warm showers and your bed that you are so blessed to have! Here are some pictures to show of our trip.