Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Update

I haven't been on my post (or others) in months (Feb)! I kind of boycotted my blog for awhile.... I just got burnt out keeping our post updated. But I think I am ready to come back to sharing our lives to the web. I try to be better at updating this blog.

Lets start with the updates...

We have been living in the house my mom owns since Feb. For about the first 4 months we lived in the upstairs but then agreed to move down to the basement apartment so they could rent the 5 bedroom upstairs out. We have gone to the 1 bedroom apartment (Gavin is in the hall way that has two doors on each it is a really small bedroom:) ... the apartment is a lot smaller than we have been use to in a really long time... but we feel very blessed to have a place to live in and food on the table (well if we had enough room to fit a table in our apartment). It has been a very humbling has reminded me that not the most important thing in life is the huge house we own, or nice cars, or expensive clothing, but that it is our friends and family!!!

Our townhouse is rented out... the first guy we rented out to in Fed. was crazy! We were able to rent it out to a young cute couple. I feel grateful to be able to find good renters!

Corey has been working at FedEx Home Delivery since about June... The guy he worked for over Christmas season last year called and asked if he would come work for him. It is an o.k. job. Now don't be confused.... he doesn't work for FedEx... FedEx Home Delivery is own by a contractor and so that means it is a third party. Corey doesn't get benefits, and no time off. He works Tuesday-Saturday. Corey has expressing that he wants to going to school...which is GREAT but hard to pull off with his current job since he doesn't have a set schedule...he pretty has to work until the packages are gone...making him coming home different every night. He is still looking for another job that he can go to school and offer him things such as benefits. But I must add we do feel blessed that he has a job since he didn't have a job for almost a full year. He enjoys watching the Jazz games and spending time with his son Gavin.

Mindy has been working for Anderson Merchandisers since March. I am working at the Taylorsville Wal*Mart putting out the Cd's and Books. I put out the new music & books, I also organize the areas and restock the shelf's with the current items. I get to listen to my ipod as I work and occasionally help customers. I am able to have adult conversations and truly LOVE my job. I feel so blessed since this has been a wonderful job for me. I pretty much work whenever I want. Since I have been working their since March I have gone in at different times but since Corey has be to work so early I go in about 10:00 p.m. (or whenever I get Gavin down for the night). Gavin doesn't know that I am gone working and I love that since I have wanted to be a stay home mom but at the same time I am helping out with the financial area. This has been a great blessing in our family. Since Corey doesn't have insurance through his job we have some coverage with my job....even though it isn't the GREATEST we still have more than nothing at all. I have enjoyed living in Herriman because I have been able to get with some of my family and friends more often. When not working I am taking care of Gavin and really enjoy my little boy. He has been the best thing in my life... he has the cutest personality and keeps me on my toes.

Gavin is having a birthday here in a week and 2 days. I can't believe that he is going to be 2! Where did the time go? He has changed so much! The last couple of months he has been talking more and more. His first word was momma... that of course made me proud! He then started saying: Apple, Ball, No, Mine, Books, Cars, Water, Scary, Popcorn,Thank you (One time changing his dirty diaper at church he told me Thank you... it made it so much more worth it when he said that), Mindy (it is the cutest when he says my name:), Barney, poopy, Daddy, sit (he wants us to sit with him on the couch or the ground), Daddy go? (I will then tell him he is at work... he then will repeat the word work), and the list goes on and on. We bought him a big boy bed for his birthday but haven't put it up yet. About two weeks ago he started to climb out of his crib... now putting him down for naps and bed is a little bit more challenging but we are over coming it.... but I guess we must put his big boy bed up now :). He is a head strong toddler! He loves being with his mom and dad. I really don't know how I was so blessed with such a wonderful, smart, talented, loving little boy. He often reminds us to pray over the food by just folding his arms... it really is the cutest thing ever! People always think he is older than he really is because he is so tall... I love having a boy that I can wrestle with!.

So, I go could go on and on about Gavin... must end now since he is awake.. I need to go do the motherly things.

Till we meet again.. hopefully it won't take me another 7 months for me to write :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009


My handsome boy

I think I have a little model here
He was in one of my moving boxes.

Wow! I would have never thought that so much would have happen since the last time I did my blog. Well since I blogged last we have rented out our townhome to a man that just got a divorce. He will be living here by himself except when his 3 girls come and stay with him on the weekends. We feel very blessed to have found him and hopefully he will want to rent for awhile. He signed a 6 month lease and hopefully will want to stay longer than that. Right now he is living in a hotel so he was looking for something ASAP! we told him that we could be out by the 10th of this month.

We got our place rented out...but now what? we didn't know where we were going to live...we knew it had to be with family but we didn't know with who. My mom finally offered us a house in Herriman that we could live in for a month for free...and then move down to the basement (1 bedroom) apartment and again stay their for free....this offer was a lot least we don't have to feel like we are on top of anyone except for our little family. We will move their and see what happens...who knows Corey might get a job up in this area (Layton/Ogden) and we will have to move back and live with family for awhile. I have been looking for a storage unit or apartment manager job...something that I can with Gavin and live on-site. I know that this is the right thing to do...but it is so hard to not know what is going to happen next. I just want things to be so good and that we can start repairing our lives (from the last year and half). It has been a long road and I am ready to meet it at the end. I am looking forward to living by some of my brothers & sisters. That is another reason we decided to move out that sister Lana has been having lots of medical problems. The doctors are still trying to run test on her and see what it is going. Lana has 3 cute little girls and I feel like I need and want to be able to help her. I just hope all will work out...I know it will I just have to faith and trust in the Lord. Life has been stressful but thankfully we have our health (except for Gavin's cold...and I think he is teething) but other than that we have been healthy and I really am greatful for.

Gavin has been such a big helper. He moves things for us, and pulls things out...even if we don't want them pulled out. The other day my in-laws took Gavin for awhile so I could get some things done...I was very greatful for the couple of hours of work I could get done without having my items that I just put into a box pulled out.

That is our life lately..............................................hopefully we will have more answers of where we are going to be working and living.

Saturday is the big day to move all the big items. We got a storage unit since we don't know what next month will bring us. Our nephew Jacob is also getting baptized on Saturday. Corey, his brother, and dad will be loading up the truck durning the baptism and my family will help unload it after words. I am going to the baptism so I will take some smaller items down in my car. I will have to clean the house Saturday & Monday.
Well have a goodnight!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

He loves to sit on his toys

loving to play!

he loves to put things on his head...sometimes it is scary because he really can't see where he is going.

Here are some random pictures of my sweet son Gavin. He is so funny. I feel so blessed to have him in my life...when I feel like my world is crashing around me...he will make me feel better and remind me that their is hope and to enjoy every day.

I watched my VT daughter the other day. Gavin was really good with her at first but the longer she was their the more Gavin started to try to hit her on the top of her head.

Yesterday we rented out our townhome to a man that just went through a divorce. We feel very grateful for being able to rent our home out. Until we have jobs we will be moving in a family member....(not sure who yet :) but most likely my sister Lana and her family. I feel like I could help her out while we live their since she has been having a lot of health problems. We will have to be out by the 10th of this I will be busy packing this week. I feel blessed but stressed at the same time.

Corey's 28th Birthday

Corey turned 28 on Jan. 22, 2008. We had a good day. We looked for jobs :) But first I took him to get a message. He had given me a cert. for my birthday and so I decided that we would go get a couple message. It was GREAT! We had never gone to get messages before so it was a real treat. My sister-in-law watched Gavin for us and it was just what we needed. Later that night we went Olive Garden (my mother-in-law had given us a gift cert. to use and that was really nice of her). They watched Gavin for us so we could just go to dinner and have a night with out Gavin....again it was a real treat and we had a great evening.

We had Corey's birthday dinner with his family the Sunday before. They did pizza and cake & ice cream. I can't believe we are getting close to 30!

St. George / Job Interview

alseep in a car ride in St. George

going to take part of the walking tour. We were loving the weather down their.

This is outside of President Brigham Young winter home

Well hello! It has been some time since I have written. I thought today (Sunday) would be the perfect day to put some post up here.

We are still on the job hunt. I have been trying to have hope and faith that Corey will be able to get something that it make it that I will be able to be a stay home mom. I do look for things that I can do at home to help bring some income but would really like to be able to stay home with Gavin. Corey at a job interview about the 2nd week in Jan. down in Hurrican Utah (right by St. George). He would have been a driver for Pepsi and would have started off about 40,000.00 a year (that would have been really nice!). Ever since I meet Corey he has always wanted to move down their...he loves St. George...and of course I would have not minded the nice weather at all!We decided to turn the interview into a much needed couple of days of vacation. We had a good time down their but Corey didn't feel like the interview went all that well. They had told him on the phone that the interview would be about 2 hours....well he wasn't even their more than 15 mins. We tried to enjoy the rest of the time and not worry about it too much. We came home and a few days later found out that he didn't get the job.

We did get to see Brigham Young's winter home that is in St. George. We had always tried to find it when ever we went down their. I guess they have a walking tour that you can do (we had never done that either) we did part of the walking tour and President's Young home...we then went back and had lunch Pizza Factory. Even though he didn't get the job I am glad we had the chances to go down their and get away from everything else. We would love to still move down their...and maybe one day we will.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas / New Year's ...bring in the year 2009

Gavin is starting to climb on things...oy!

Me and my baby on Christmas Day

White Elephant gift that was passed around...hahah

Me, Corey, and Gavin on Christmas Eve

WOW! It has been way too long for me write on my blog. Christmas, and New Year's has already gone and passed and we have started the year 2009.

We had a great christmas! It was more simple this year (since money is tight) but I felt so blessed for everything we were able to give and receive. I am excited for the sewing machine that I got. I want to be able to create things and so I am glad that my husband was able to give me such a great gift...I just know need to find a place for it :) We were blessed with being around our family for the holidays. We went over to my in-laws Christmas Eve and had so much food and played rock band on the wii....we had so much fun. Christmas day we went and saw Corey's Grandma Sommerville and Grandpa Neiswender...and ate left overs....mmmm.

New Year's Eve we went up to Ogden and played some games and went to lunch with the in-laws and Gavin's cousins. I got Gavin a monkey backpack that we can hold on to and he can't get away...he felt like such a big boy being able to walk around pushing his stroller while we played games. I was so glad that I bought this monkey...right before christmas I went to the store to get an item for christmas and they didn't have shopping carts...Gavin was tearing things off the the end of the trip he was crying and I was sweating and so ready to leave the store. I went home and called my mom and said "when did I get a toddler? last thing I remember he was a baby".

New Year's Eve night we were at my in-laws till 11:00 we had good food and played the rock band on the wii. I can't believe that we are already in the 2009 year. I hoping that this year is A LOT better than 2008! I like the feeling having a fresh start...and even though I haven't seen a whole lot change...I am having a better attitude and being more positive. I feel like things are going to get a whole lot better for us. I just have to be willing to get things done and have complete trust on the Lord. I will keep you posted on these things :)

One of my new goals was to get back into Weight Watchers. I have been doing a really good job. I went back to Weight Watchers on Saturday..I got weighed in and the meeting. I have 15 pounds to lose...which is not near as much as when I first started Weight Watchers. Once I am back down to my weight I won't have to pay any more since I am a life time member...and that ROCKS! I have been going to my church Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's to work out with some ladies in my ward....I really enjoy this since I get out and meeting other people and working out...which is making me feel so much better.

Well I am going to add some pictures from Christmas, New Year's Eve and random picture and then turning the computer over to my husband. Good night all!