Thursday, February 5, 2009


My handsome boy

I think I have a little model here
He was in one of my moving boxes.

Wow! I would have never thought that so much would have happen since the last time I did my blog. Well since I blogged last we have rented out our townhome to a man that just got a divorce. He will be living here by himself except when his 3 girls come and stay with him on the weekends. We feel very blessed to have found him and hopefully he will want to rent for awhile. He signed a 6 month lease and hopefully will want to stay longer than that. Right now he is living in a hotel so he was looking for something ASAP! we told him that we could be out by the 10th of this month.

We got our place rented out...but now what? we didn't know where we were going to live...we knew it had to be with family but we didn't know with who. My mom finally offered us a house in Herriman that we could live in for a month for free...and then move down to the basement (1 bedroom) apartment and again stay their for free....this offer was a lot least we don't have to feel like we are on top of anyone except for our little family. We will move their and see what happens...who knows Corey might get a job up in this area (Layton/Ogden) and we will have to move back and live with family for awhile. I have been looking for a storage unit or apartment manager job...something that I can with Gavin and live on-site. I know that this is the right thing to do...but it is so hard to not know what is going to happen next. I just want things to be so good and that we can start repairing our lives (from the last year and half). It has been a long road and I am ready to meet it at the end. I am looking forward to living by some of my brothers & sisters. That is another reason we decided to move out that sister Lana has been having lots of medical problems. The doctors are still trying to run test on her and see what it is going. Lana has 3 cute little girls and I feel like I need and want to be able to help her. I just hope all will work out...I know it will I just have to faith and trust in the Lord. Life has been stressful but thankfully we have our health (except for Gavin's cold...and I think he is teething) but other than that we have been healthy and I really am greatful for.

Gavin has been such a big helper. He moves things for us, and pulls things out...even if we don't want them pulled out. The other day my in-laws took Gavin for awhile so I could get some things done...I was very greatful for the couple of hours of work I could get done without having my items that I just put into a box pulled out.

That is our life lately..............................................hopefully we will have more answers of where we are going to be working and living.

Saturday is the big day to move all the big items. We got a storage unit since we don't know what next month will bring us. Our nephew Jacob is also getting baptized on Saturday. Corey, his brother, and dad will be loading up the truck durning the baptism and my family will help unload it after words. I am going to the baptism so I will take some smaller items down in my car. I will have to clean the house Saturday & Monday.
Well have a goodnight!


Janae said...

WOW! I wish we could help. Good luck with everything, and make sure you keep in touch. I love these pics of Gavin. he's so grown up now!

Shelly Geller said...

Hello Love. We need to get together soon! Now that you live so close. . . we HAVE to PLAY so MUCH. Seriously, am in some serious need of Mindy time. I just noticed on your side bar that you have a link to James' you tube video. It made me cry to see that you care enough about me and about him to do that. Thank you my love. When can you do an afternoon together? My house has been sick for a week. . so as soon as we are feeling better I want to get together. Loves!

Karalee said...

Yikes, sounds like you have been pretty stressed!! It's interesting to see what direction our lives go. Good luck with everything! I love you!

Mer and Mel said...

Gav is so cute!! Don't you just love having a boy? Hey, I have a random question- did you like living in a townhome? Did you have a yard? I'm just curious b/c I see so many townhomes and wonder if it's like living in an apartment or a house? Anywho, I hope you are well!

The Royal Family said...

I know this post is old, but I hope things are looking up. :) Lets see some new pics!