Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you Michelle!

Today I was commenting on one of my cousin's blogs and it ended up being a really long message and I thought to myself I should post this to my blog. It reminded me that Heavenly Father is very aware of each one of us. He will answer us different many ways. Sometimes through the scriptures, prayer, a thought, sometimes he has to scream it to us, and through friends/family. As I reading my cousin blog I felt like sharing a little thing about us and as I was typing it I thought "I really should post this on my blog". So here is my ever let me set up what life has been for us. I know that we aren't the only ones feeling the effect on how life is going right now finacial. So many people I know personal are having their own trials and so I have to know that me and my family are not the only ones with life problems. I don't tell you this to feel bad for us anything...I guess I just sharing what I have learned.

This has been a very good but at the same time the hardest year! We bought our townhome Oct. 25th 2007. Corey was working for DMBA and I was staying at home working as a loan processor. It seems like the min. we signed our papers for our house things started going wrong. I was almost 9 months prego. I knew that we would be having a lot of change...we were becoming first time parents, and first time homeowners. We seemed like we were making our mark in the world. We really counted on both of our incomes and NEED both to survive. Well inbetween moving into our home and Gavin being born (Nov. 20th 07) I hadn't had much luck with any loans closing. We had gotten money from my dad when we closed and pretty much using it as the back up. Well the loans got even worse...I would start on one and for one reason or another it wouldn't close. At one point my husband was the only one bringing home some money...but it wasn't enough to even cover our bills. We have been blessed with wonderfu family! Well my husband one day decided that he couldn't take his job any more! (it actually had been building) but we went from bad to worse! He now has gotten his CDL and is looking for a local driving job. We really don't want him to do the OTR (Over the Road) but we might have to for about an year. Well he has been watching Gavin while I am getting trained for the storage unit job (then Gavin will be with me). It actually has worked out nice...but at the same time we really need him to get a job too! At one point though we both didn't have jobs. I was babysitting part time..but that doesn't take care of most of our that is the kind of year we have had!

This is what we have said to my cousin earlier today:
Thank you for reminding me what really is important in this life. Corey and I were really discourage one day and when we went to do our night reading in our sciptures (since we were trying to be better at reading and saying our prayers) I included this thought book with our nightly reads and in my thought book by President Gordon B. Hinckley (he has a scripture and then a thought for everyday) and this thought was for the day we felt very discouraged. I don't remember the scripture but then he went on to say that everyone gets discouraged...but if we start looking around our self we will see that someone else has it worse than we do. Corey and I started saying the things we do have instead of what we don't have. I know in my personal life I know so many people having hard times it is either money, lost one, lost job, or some other trail. If we knew the out come in the life (our trials) would we still have come knowing everything? I think a part of me says yes and the other part of me things no...but how much more are we blessed because we had James in our life. Of course we would much rather have him with us know! but I guess what I am trying to say is that Michelle I think you are amazing! I don't just don't say that for this one trail but everything that we have gone through! I love you so much I am sorry I am not better at letting you know this more often! I guess it got me thinking about all of this when I saw your picture of your little are so good at capturing peopel! You are so good at taking pictures, your funny, carring, and everything I hope to be one day. Reading your blog it made me think of how I have put of things today because I tell myself "I will be happier once this that or the other is done". or "once this trail I will be happier...but really we are always going to have trials. Some trials we will get rid of and others will be with us for ever and we have to learn how to deal with that trial. There is a saying that I have and I really like goes something like this... Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning how to dance in the rain.

I really like that saying...I think I want to make a sign or something out of that saying :) I find it to be too true!

Well I need to go to bed! Good night!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

more random pictures

Kids I use to watch....and of course Gavin is in their :)

This was at the fair....look at the little pigs...oh so sweet!

he was so tired after the fair! What a tender moment

Random Pictures!

I love this picture of tender!

We went to Applebee's after the Fair...He was giving me kisses...too cute!

Gavin was sick...he had just woke up from him nap....this is such a sweet picture of him with his daddy :)
Gavin will be playing and he will stop and rest his head on pretty much anything...this time it was his dad's legs
I put some moose in his hair...what a handsome boy I have!

Taking Steps

It is true! The time has come that my son is just growing up! He has started taking steps! Last week while being over at my Sister & Brother-in-laws house he took his first steps. He is so cute trying to walk! He gets so excited and then falls. This is a fun age where they enjoy laughing with you and making moves to becoming an older child. I have to say though that I don't enjoy this age of trying to changing the diaper and his clothes. He just wants to move all the time and so changing his clothes or diaper is such a big deal.

September 20th - Gavin 10 months old

this is a "are you serious mom?" He just got done eating the Chocolate Molten Cake...mmm our favorite!
I love this face! Happy 10 months my son!
Aren't we so cute! Lovin' Chili's...MMMMM

Gavin is now 10 months...going on a 11 months...time really has gone fast! He is into everything! I love when he eats...he always is making the "MMMM" sound while he eats. He makes us laugh...and really a joy to be around. I love my little boy so much! He says momma or is so cute! Here is my big boy!

The Storage Unit Update

So as most of you read my long long blog about the Storage unit job and how Kris backed out on us... well on September 17th he called me and wanted to offer me the job. See when he backed out on us he told us he wanted a little more time to think about it and we told him we couldn't do we thought that was it. I had in the mean time took the apartment job (I was going to be moving into the apartment on the 1st weekend of Oct.) Well I guess he interviewed other people and I guess he decided that he liked me the best out of everyone! I ended up starting the Storage unit job on the 19th. I am in training so my husband has been watching Gavin (my husband quite his job about 2 months ago...he has now gotten his CDL and is looking for a new job...something local)...anyways so he has been watching Gavin while I am learning my new job. I will be able to have Gavin with me once I am done...we also will move into the 2 bedroom apartment in about 3 months (we are hoping it will be sooner than that). This is the North Salt and is a really nice storage unit.....(only 4 years old). I really do believe things work out for the really is all about timing! I will love when we live in the apartment and won't have to be in the office all the time and be with my son at the same time! YAY!!

September 10, 2008 - Happy Birthday To Me!

Here I am at the Jankins on my Birthday
This was the day after my birthday...I cut my hair! This is also at the Jankins house.

My birthday was a GREAT day! I went babysitting and the Jankins were so cute (that is the family I babysit for) they had theis house done up for my birthday. When I went home my husband was out getting my birthday gift. He did a really good job. He got me the movie Hairspray, candy, a message, and $15.00 itunes gift card. He did a GREAT job! We went to Slizzers for dinner. My in-laws watch Gavin for us. I had lots of calls to wish me a Happy Birthday and that always makes you feel special! I can't believe that I am know 27 years old. I still feel young but know that I am pushing 30. My cousin Michelle and I use to always pretend that we were older...we could never just be our own age....and the other day this guy told me that he thought I was 22 or 23...that was so sweet!

Also on my birthday I got a job offer to be a apartment manager in Holliday...that was a great birthday present!

Hey All!

I am coming to the understanding that I am not very good at this blog thing! Good job to all those that stay on top of writing on your blog! I guess this is like a journal....when I was younger I use to be really good in writing in my journal....there was times I wouldn't be as good but for the most part I was pretty good...........but as I have gotten older I have stopped writing in my journal. So anyways as always I am going to try to be better. I have lots to catch I am going to do my best to get all caught up.