Saturday, August 30, 2008

The end of August already?!?!

Hey All! I can't believe that it is the end of August already! I don't know where the month went! It is 4:15 in the morning and I can't sleep so I thought I would take the time to blog. Hold on it sounds like Gavin is up. Alright I am back... Gavin has been sick the last week and has gotten use to waking up in the night. Before he got sick he would usually wake up once in the night but since he got sick he gets up 2 or 3 times a night. I know I need to break him of this but it is hard to do when you know that you could get him back to sleep in a few mins. if you just get up and nurse him. Things have gotten really good about putting him down for naps and bed without putting up a fuse or crying (and if he crys its just a little bit).... It has been so nice! I have loved spoiling him by rocking him to sleep and nursing him...but I got sick of him waking up when I tried putting him to sleep and wanting to use me as a pacifier all night if I let him. Letting him cry it out is so hard but I love that he is being able to fall asleep on his own and without my help. Now if we can just work on in the middle of the night :) That is why I am up right now. He woke me up at 2:00 and I haven't been able to go back to bed. I have a lot on my mind and also feeling like I am getting sick...oy!

Let me complain for just a sec. This is going to be be prepard. You see Corey and I have been looking for a storage unit job or apt. job that I can be a manager for (something I can do with Gavin but help bring some extra money and have our housing takin' care of). Well I have been applying to lots of places and some have not worked out because they don't want me to have Gavin while I work....well that is the whole point of me doing it right?!?! So anyways we find this one in North Salt Lake (storgage unit job) and it was going to be perfect! The guy wanted us to do it as a couple until I got a hang of everything (managing it and taking care of Gavin at the same time...I don't think it really matters...I feel like I could do both but since he is the manager we would go along with it). After awhile Corey was going to get another job...and we would be able to pay off debt...and also we would work together for awhile! We were very excited about this! We would be able to move into the apt. with utilites included after training and we would also get 1600 a month. This would be a huge blessing for us! Well we went into the interview last week and I was kind of discourage because at first we weren't looking at both of us to do it together and I felt like he was focusing more on Corey. I was bummed after we left and thought we wouldn't get it. Well after talking it over we thought "if he pays us enough we would be able to do it together". So we e-mailed him telling him that we would be able to do it together. So on this last Tuesday he calls me and wants us to come in for a 2nd interview. We go and after talking to him for about an hour or so he offers us the job...we were to start next Tuesday! Oh man we were so excited!!!!!! We really felt like it was an answer to our prayers. Things have been tight for us for awhile and we felt like with this job this would really help out and we could get some things done like Corey wants to get his CDL (or even take some college courses)...but more looking at getting his CDL and getting something local. We felt like we were being bless for saying our prayers together, trying to study from the scriptures every night, and also being more faithful in paying tithing (since we hadn't been too good on those things). Oh I was on cloud nine! We were letting our family know of our new job....and we just knew that it was a great fit for us!!! Well let me back up a little bit and say that before Kris had called me about the 2nd interview on Tuesday I actually was waiting for Todd (I had been talking to him about an apt. managing job in Cottonwood and I thought it sounded really good too!) to call me back because the call had been I just thought "well if we don't get this job in North Salt Lake then I could interview with Todd next week". So I bet you want to know where I want to complain right??? You are thinking everything sounds really good right?!?! Well let me just say that Kris is kind of an interesting guy...a nice guy but just kind of different. It seems like from the moment I talked to him on the phone I was trying to help him see why he should pick us to run his storage unit job. He seems to 2nd guess his decision a lot. He thinks that Layton is far from North Salt is like a 15 min. drive...and also it is temp. that we would live here in Layton...once training is over than we will be living on-site. There has just been things that he has done and said that made us feel like "why did he offer us the job?" Like he told Corey on Thursday that he had interviewed another couple that day (which he had already offered us the job on Tuesday) but he thought we were more qualified because we both had served missions and he just keeps coming back to us. But it is like...why is he interviewing other people if he has already told us that we have gotten the job? So yesterday he wrote us an e-mail saying that he didn't think this was going to work out...that he would need another week to think about it. That is when our world came crushing down upon us! Oh we were so upset and disappointed. We have sent him another e-mail trying to comfort him about his concerns...but we feel like it doesn't really matter what we say...that he has made up his mind. We told him that we really couldn't wait another week for him to decided. I feel like he already has another couple in mind...and he is just trying to buy time to see if he wants to offer them the job...or he is going to try to find someone else that he thinks is a better fit...and what if were to sit around a week to see if he decides to hire us...and he doesn't...well that isn't going to help us at all!!! I'm trying to make sense of it all! I am trying to have faith that this is happening for a reason. We are just wishing we hadn't told people that we had gotten the job...we wish we hadn't told our bishop that we had it too! I'm grateful that I didn't e-mail the lady that wants to come and look at our townhome this up coming week to rent it...I'm glad that I didn't tell her that we would be staying in our home for a little bit longer...that we wouldn't know when we would be moving out and taking the chances of losing her. I really just don't think it is right that he is going back on giving us the job! I think he should at least give us a chances...and then if he thinks it is not going to work...then fine! But don't just say that now you don't think that it is going to work because of this that or the other!!!!! No I am not bugged!!!! HECK YES I AM!!! Well like I said I am trying to find comfort for all of this happening. I am going to call Todd back on Tuesday to set up my interview with him! In talking with Todd I felt like we really got a long GREAT! Some people you feel like you just click with!!! He is one of these people...and even though we really want this storage unit job...I feel like working with Kris could just be hard...just by the type of person he is. Todd totally doesn't care that I have Gavin. We would get the apt. and utlities included and plus 700 a month...with bonuses. Then Corey can go on and get his CDL and then we can still focus on those things that we would be focusing on with the storage unit job! I really do feel like it could be a better match...but I guess I will just have to see. I guess I will just have to keep putting my resume in. So their is my complaint! I have been trying to be postive and not complain about it...but this just makes me so mad! I couldn't go to sleep because I was thinking about this and how I am going to hate to have to tell our yeah now we don't have this job.......................................oy!!!! I keep hoping that Kris will change his mind...but I know that I can't hold on to that!

If you all could keep us in your prayers that would be GREAT! We need all the help we can get! I will keep you posted on what happens with everything!!! Well I am going to try to get some rest. I will post some cute pictures later.

Friday, August 15, 2008

doing the update

I thought I would take a few mins. to do an update....since I have been slacking for almost 2 months. Lets see.... I will do the 8 month old pictures on here and the 4th of July. Gavin was 8 months old on July 20th! I can't believe all the things he does from day to day...getting so big on me...and becoming such a cute little boy! He now can go up the stairs (not down them yet).

The 4th of July we always go to the Hyrum parade with Corey's side of the family. We had a GREAT time! Gavin had so many first! We always go camping the night before and then go down in the morning to celebrate the 4th! Here are some pictures to show our fun time!

I guess I will have to add pictures seems to be not be working. till then...just pretend that you see them...hahahah

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Way too long!

the long hair
this is the "before" picture....I love his face in the picture...too cute!
who is the handsome little guy? Oh it is my GAVIN!
My best bud! He looks so old!

Hey All! sorry it has been WAY too long since I wrote last!!!! I just haven't been in the mood to I haven't :) I guess the lastest thing around here is...Gavin is 8 months (going on 9 months this month) and is getting into EVERYTHING! He likes to go up our stairs now. We just gave him his first hair cut two nights ago....(he had so much hair for an 8 month old!) I loved his hair but it needed a trim....well since I don't know how to really cut hair (and I am not paying 9.50 for a hair cut for him) we ended up going real short. It looks real cute on him!!! He looks so old!

Right now Gavin really gets excited when he thinks we are chasing him....and he loves to get mom :) He is such a sweet boy!!! he is my little man!!! and he has my heart :) He is a great eater!! and we are doing the "cry it out" and it is still rough for him...but he sleeps so much better at night and he always did really good on naps...but it is nice to have go to sleep on his own!

I have a lot to post to catch you all up! But it won't be tonight :) I am going to take it slow...and just try to stay on top of things! Love you all!