Monday, November 17, 2008


Us at the Pumpkin Patch

trick or treating

right before we went trick or treating

Gavin loves these he could make it go off just by putting his hand by it.

some pumpkins at the Pumpkin Walk

Eating a cupcake at the Halloween/October party with my family

Gavin with some of his cousins

Gavin with Grandpa Dow

Here are some really fun things we did this October

We had a Halloween/October birthdays with my family the week before Halloween...Gavin looks so cute in his costume.

We also went to the Pumpkin Patch....we a lot of fun this Halloween :)

We then did a trunk or treat at our sister & brother-in-law ward house a couple days before Halloween.

We also did a pumkin walk. We didn't know it was such a big deal...we stood in line for two hours and then you do the pumkin walk around this park...they pass out treats while you are walking around the pumpkins...people dress up for this reason...we didn't know or would have put Gavin in his costume...........there were some pretty cool pumkins.

On Halloween we went over to Corey's parents house and had dinner. We then went with our sister & brother-in-law trick or treating with our kids...we had a great time!

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