Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Straight from Heaven

I think this is when he sucked me right in...don't you see the magic? I sure do

The two nights before I had Gavin

Well today is Gavin's birthday. He is the big ONE! I can't believe how fast that went. He is an amazing little person that touches my heart in so many HUGE ways. There is a list of things and pretty much I could go on and on...but I will just say a few things about my little man. He is a talker...and even though he words are pretty much momma and dadda he sure can talk up a storm and we have no clue what he is saying. I can tell when he gets at me...but he is so quick to love me. He loves to laugh...he gives me the cuttest smile when he wants me to be laughing at what he is doing. It is amazing how fast they pick up on things. Gavin has been walking for about a month and half...and can pretty much get running...he still falls over at times...but he sure has picked this up along with a lot of other things. I didn't know that when I had him placed in my arms a year ago that he would melt my heart and wrap it around his finger so fast. As I am typing this blog I can hear Gavin talking in his crib...he is just waking up from his nap....he usually wakes up this way and it so nice. He is easy going...and when he friends or cousins take toys from him he doesn't show that it bothers him one bit. He loves the game of chase...I was chasing him last night and then he turned around a chased me........what a great personaility you have!

The day he was born was the day I had some idea of how my parents feel for me and some what of an understanding of what Heavely Father feels for each one of us. I felt so much closer to Corey and the feeling of us being a family of that much more importance. I feel so blessed to have both men in my life.
Gavin I love you! Thanks for being such a wonderful son. I love when you cuddle and kiss me, and play around with me. You make me smile every day and I so enjoy having you in my life.

We are having his Birthday party at my in-laws on Saturday since our home isn't big enough. I am keeping the party just for our family since my family is so big...and then adding to is going to be a good size party.

Love you my big ONE year old son!


Here is a funny story about the hosptial. Well as you know that when they bring you your baby they always check to make sure your bands match. Well I guess I was coming out from having the c-section and some of my family and Corey's family were down at the nusery looking at Gavin. They were saying stuff like "he has the Neiswender toes" and things like that. Well I had gotten into the room and I was waiting for everyone to come in with Gavin. Corey finally came after about 5 or 10 mins (I can't remember the timing on all of this since I was drugged) but anyways he was just like "You are not going to believe what happened". I guess they had given Corey the baby they were all making comments about and Corey started pushing the baby to my room... well once he got to the room he looked inside and saw no one that he knew... and I wasn't in their. The nurses had given Corey the wrong baby....they had been making comments about someone elses baby. Well I am glad to say that when Corey came into my room with a baby that was the correct baby...
Well I am going to take Gavin to McDonalds to get him a happy meal for his birthday!


Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

Happy Birthday Gavin! I can't believe he is already one, that is sooo awesome, time flies huh? he's a cutie pie!

Mer and Mel said...

MIndy- I found your blog through Karalee's- I hope it's ok that I put you on my blogging buddy list! :) I can't believe Gavin is 1- he is darling! and I'm glad that you got out of a job you hated- don't worry, things will work out! you have such a cute family- conrats!

The Royal Family said...

It goes by so fast doesn't it?

Megan Isham said...

I can't believe he is already one!! What cute pictures. I miss you girl. I hope you are doing well. It looks like I need to call you so we can chat. I didn't know you switched Jobs and what not. Call me.